Rose Hill Whippets

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Noah (#1) is settling in nicely. He is such a snuggle bug and loves playing with all of his toys!! We've had no accidents in the house and he has already made himself at home on the sofa. We've had him out for several short walks considering the colder weather we are getting again but he does  his business and is ready to go back in where it is warm. We love the leash collar combo that you sent with Noah for walking him. He does great on walks and stay right with us. Noah has been sleeping in bed with us and to our surprise (not yours), he sleeps all night without any problems. He is so funny at bed time. When we get ready for bed, he zooms ahead of us so he is the first one in bed to pick his spot for the night. We are so thrilled to have him. Thank you. We'll stay in touch.

Amanda M.

N. Jersey

March 14, 2017

Thought you'd appreciate the photo of Niles morning play time in the kitchen sun-room. With the great start you gave him he seems to have settled in nicely to his new home. He's a super dog and we are looking forward to the years ahead with him.
Dean B.
December 2, 2016

Hi Melody,
I wanted to give you an update on Reed to let you know how he is doing and how happy we are to have him as part of our family. I'm sending you a short video as well.
It is day 5 now and Reed has learned to use the doggie door and our stairs. He walks well on a leash and we haven't had any accidents in the house so we thank you for that. He has been sleeping all night in his kennel without any complaints and we hope to eventually not need the kennel except for the few hours we are not at home and he can't go with us. Our other whippet Tilly has decided that since Reed is staying, she'll play with him. Their play time has gone really well so we couldn't be more pleased. We'll continue to monitor their play time for a little while longer but we think they are doing well together. I think we are going to try some therapy training with Reed so he can be a therapy dog for Connor. If it is o.k. with you, Connor would like to change Reed's name to Maverick. We'll keep in touch and thanks again Melody.
Stephanie M.
July 21, 2016

Hi Melody,

I am amazed how well socialized Jasper is, and how well he has done the first week away from his original home, not to mention all the traveling.

It is very clear to me that you spent/spend a lot of time with your dogs, and Jasper’s temperament is due to that, in large part. He retrieves toys for me, sits like a gentleman, walks well on a leash, and seems about 95% potty trained. I already have a strong trust of your judgment.

Jasper very much enjoys paper shredding, and there is no electricity involved.

You probably don’t – but if you ever need references to potential owners I’ll be glad to comment. You know I am not much on face book, but you can certainly use my email address.

Trying to slowly get into a routine ( I think Jasper adjusts faster than I do!), and I eventually will! Jasper has gained about ½ pound this week and is about 16 lbs now.
Rich R.
March 30, 2016


I wanted to give you an update on Lizzie. I took her to the vet and she passed her check-up with flying colors. The vet was impressed with the medical documentation you had kept on Lizzie. It was a seamless transition to our vet.
Lizzie has adjusted well to her new home. She runs and plays in the yard and has become friends with the neighbor dog.  She is my shadow and follows me everywhere. And she is a cuddlier! She is already sleeping in bed with me at night and snuggles with me whenever I'm on the couch.  We had many out of town guests over the holiday and  she played and snuggled with them as well.  Everyone loved her!  Whatever we did, she joined in.  She even joined us around the fire pit one night.  I'm so thankful that I was lucky enough to find and get her! 
Lynn V.
July 6, 2015

We purchased two brothers from the same litter as Cooper. The dogs were exactly as Melody had described them to us. We were given a notebook for each dog with their complete health and vaccination histories plus additional information with pictures. Our vet said he wished all his patients came with such a thorough history from birth. Melody has been very helpful since we purchased the dogs answering all questions. She loves her dogs and still cares deeply for them even after they go to new homes.

Jim and Pam S.


February 10, 2013

The first thing I look for when shopping for a puppy/dog is a quality breeder who is more interested in her dogs future home than in making a quick sale. Melody really goes the extra mile in checking with your Vet and references about your suitability as a dog owner and in explaining that owning a sight hound differs from other dog types. I purchased an 18 month old female whippet and could not be more pleased. Impressively Melody will not ship her dogs and met us half way from our home and hers. She included a martingale lead,a fleece throw(blanket),vitamins,heart worm prevention tablet, small bag of food with feeding instructions and a binder with every detail about Faith's weights at various stages, photos, Vet records and a host of additional information. I would highly recommend any one looking for a whippet contact Melody. Her dogs are beautiful loving companions.
John S. Jr.,
February 3, 2013


Little Man is doing great. He and Charlie hit it off immediately. Within ten minutes they were outside playing with a big ball together. He is very busy exploring the house and the yard. Little Man does not like the doggie door and is afraid of it right now so we are letting him in and out. Hopefully he will catch on. Charlie has been very patient with Little Man and sharing his toys and bed. I have not been able to take any good pictures yet because they have been too active, but when I do I will send some to you. The children love him and are doting all over him. I think Little Man will be very happy here. We are all very happy to have him.

Deborah P.

N. Carolina

December 14, 2012

Hi Melody,
I just wanted to let you know that Abner is doing great. He's such a handsome boy and a delight to have around. You did a great job with him. You would be very proud of Abner and how well he has adjusted to his new home if you could see him now.
Travis S.
November 2, 2012

Melody has been one of the most honest and up front breeders to work with. She loves her dogs and gives them the best possible care from loving them to cooking for them. We recently adopted one of her dogs and Melody has been wonderful throughout the process. He has a wonderful temperament and is an outstanding beautiful whippet. Anyone who is lucky enough to adopt one of Melody's dogs, as she is extremely careful about her placements, won't be disappointed.

Sue B.
March 14, 2012