Rose Hill Whippets

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At Play and Rest

Any day outside is a good day as long as we aren't out too long in the heat or cold. This goes for any age of Whippet, not just puppies. Don't forget that Whippets need the security of a leash or a fenced in yard.
There is nothing like a Whippet pile at any age. There is always room for one more.
I have it now and you can't have it. This is the moto for most Whippets. They love to play keep away. Some Whippets will bring the ball or frisbee back to you so you can throw it again but a lot of them won't.
Hey, I'm over here. I think the neighbor's might need my help. This is the Whippet, always interested in what you're doing. They want to be involved in what ever it is.
There is no place like a nice warm bed. Most whippets like to sleep in the human bed. Some under the covers , others on top of them. They can be quite the bed hogs.